[TRANS] Showing off our GOT7

*note: this is translation for the pann post https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/344613438

There’s nothing to brag about GOT7 other than their looks?

How are GOT7 so popular internationally?

I’m writing this because to answer these questions.

I didn’t stan them for their looks but we can’t help but admit their looks’ power.

Anyways, today we’re going to focus on their skills.


There has never been a time where I’ve seen them lip sync.

Sometimes you can lip sync when your condition is not good but they always want to stay faithful to being singers and sing live.

Moreover, even after performing Hardcarry that has a tough choreography, they still sing 3 songs in a row and do well. Watching them do it live is amazing.


(The strong opening video that ended my doubts of whether I wanted to stan)


Lullaby live for After Mom goes to Sleep

All members participate in writing and composing their own songs.

After stanning, what surprised me the most was how all members are interested in music, not only the main vocalists Youngjae and JB.

Jinyoung who’s known for his looks, Jackson and Bambam who are known for variety shows, even Yugyeom and Mark all have their own songs. JB, Yugyeom and Youngjae even have Soundcloud.

Jackson also has his own self-written & composer songs (papillon, okay, dawn of us, fendimen, different game) and through them he got No.1 on music charts in China and even ITunes, and even collaborated with Gucci Mane.

You Are and Look are title tracks that JB made. After 7 for 7, their albums were full of the members’ self-written songs.

In Present:You , there were solo songs for the members that they each wrote/composed which helped show individuality.

In my opinion, these are the songs that highlight the members’ musical styles.

JB : prove it, fade away, sunrise

Mark : OMW

Jackson : made it, out (outside GOT7-> papillon)

Jinyoung : my youth, 그날 (The Day)

Youngjae : 망설이다 (Hesitate), moon u 1:31(song he made with JB)

Yugyeom: 이젠 (From Now), 우리 (Us)

Bambam: remember you, party

I would also like to recommend JackBamGyeom’s WOLO which has a strong beat like Hardcarry.


As much as they did martial arts in the beginning, their dance is distinct and set different from other groups in a way.

Even Vocal Youngjae who debuted after only 7 months of training does great (at dancing)!

They also each have their own individual style, here are some clips

JBs legendary fancam

Who’s Your Mama https://youtu.be/kWPdZqU7SBY

Girls Girls Girls Remix https://youtu.be/YHRiawiK4aQ

Yugyeom Hit The Stage

Gambler https://youtu.be/BsF-iGg6oYo

Final https://youtu.be/_-22fF-roz8


China Dance Battle show


Win Survival (pre-debut)


There’s sooo many but I just picked some of the known ones.

Variety, Fun

If you watch entertainment shows/videos with all members together, you can see that no one is normal in the group.

Macau Vlive


After Mom Goes To Sleep


New concept of LieV


Hardcarry 1,2

(Zombie Game, Catching Tails game etc)

You can search it up on Vlive and watch them, you won’t regret it.



What should I say about their fan love, after stanning and realising the mutual love (between ahgase and GOT7) I felt so much joy and strength. You would get what I mean if you become an ahgase.

Even the fan culture between ahgases is so warm. We take care of each so much, even those who came in late, and share everything and look after each other.

Even when I went to their concert, ahgase on both of my sides were sharing snacks. Everyone gets along well so I really like it.

The trendy language we have is also so cute, we have jjaekjjaek (chirp chirp) and jjai etc

This is my first time writing this kind of thing so I might have not written it well but I hope this prompts your interest in GOT7 even if just a little bit. I hope you search them up, find out more about them to get to know the lovely warm people they are and join our nest 💚

Trans: defdaily 🥀

*may contain slight inaccuracies and changes from original post*

++++++ top comment

[+92,-1] Uhm you don’t have to believe me but I’m someone who works in the industry that didn’t have an ounce interest on idols (at first) but somehow stanned GOT7. I heard a lot about how they are good at everything, ‘what’re these guys?’ l was curious so I watched their reality show that’:s how got into themTTTT actually a lot of broadcasting writers and PDs like GOT7. The kids are famous for good personality, their manners and being hard-working
↳ My friends is an outsourcing production PD, they gave a lot of praise (about GOT7). They said they’re consistent no matter if it in front or back, they’Il work hard even though no one see it.
↳ I’ve heard a lot about story like this.

(Trans by @phnxnght)


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